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Live: #madocast
Fanworks: #madopieces
Fan Name: Prickly Pals


**she/her - 24 - 🌵🌸 **

Hi there!I'm Caroline, but most call me Mado.I'm a renaissance cactus fairy. I like to draw illustrations, sing old songs, and develop games. I also love indie RPGs, puzzle games and visual novels.I want to tell my own stories for a living. Let's make that dream come true together!


Q: Do you do commissions?A: Yes!Please check this link for more info.Q: Will you collaborate with me on [x stream]?A: Yes! Send me an email if you're interested.Be sure to format it properly before you do though, because request emails can sometimes get lost in my Junk folder…Q: What's your policy on fanworks?A: I love fanworks. If you have art/other works that you want to show me, please @ me directly, or tag it under #madopieces!I only ask that you don't make any NSFW/R-18 fanworks, or fanworks with hateful imagery/language.Q: Why don't you draw for [x] fandom anymore?A: I have a lot of interests that I cycle through!I just want to draw what I enjoy, when I'm enjoying it most.Q: Do you have a drawing reference for Mado?


Want to do business with me?Send me an email at:
[email protected]


Please check my Twitter for my weekly schedule - and any later updates!I post a new schedule every Monday.As a general rule of thumb, I like to stream on
Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.